Full Body Treatment


Body Scrub

Blend of essential oils and Himalayan salt gently exfoliate your skin removing dead skin cells and improves circulation leaving you with a healthy and visibly radiant glow. *recommended for sensitive skin.

Canopy Steam Treatments

Canopy Steam Treatments are heat-circulation design that provides a soothing flow of steam and an even distribution of heat within the steam canopy. The warm, moist heat opens the pores allowing effective product penetration.

Moroccan Argan Body Treatment

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory Treatment , help reduce symptoms of different inflammatory skin conditions

Weigth Loss Treatment

While you relax your body is working overtime to eliminate toxins and burn fat. Weight loss is enhanced when body fat becomes water soluble and is easily eliminated. Detoxifying mud and essential oils are used while manually manipulating the tissue to greatly accelerate cellulite reduction.

Detox Treatment

Moist heat speeds up the chemical processes in the body to induce the opening of pores and sweat glands. The body rids itself of metabolic waste and accumulated toxins in the most simple and comfortable way.

Vichy Shower

Vichy Shower is an invigorating rain shower delivered by carefully positioned shower heads in alignment with the spine. It stimulates circulation, energizes the body, and creates an unbelievable relaxing experience for your body and mind. You will really feel a sense of renewal!

Body Scrub

Single Treatment
(Cost per treatment)

Helena’s Membership

Body Scrub $149 $126.65
With Sauna $194 $164.90
With Tub Treatment $204 $173.40
With Vichy Shower $244 $207.40
With Sauna + Tub $249 $211.65
With Sauna + Vichy Shower $289 $245.62


Steam Treatments

Single Treatment
(Cost per treatment)

Helena’s Membership

Single Treatment $225 $157.50
With Tub $280 $238
With Vichy Shower $320 $271