Spa Etiquette


These spa etiquette tips are designed to make your trip to any spa a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. This guide will explain how to make reservations, what to wear and what to expect.


We provide Spa robes and sandals for your treatments. Some treatments require special attire so ask when you book your service if you need to bring any other attire, change of undergarments. If you are having a pedicure, please wear leg accessible clothing so that it may not interfere with the service. Appropriate foot wear such as sandals are recommended to ensure that your pedicure will dry properly.

Cell Phones

Silence electronic devices before entering the spa.


A spa is a great place to get a little alone time, so it is best not to bring children under the age of 12 unless prior arrangements have been made.

Exploring the Facility

Feel free to request a facility tour before your treatment. The tour will acquaint you with your surroundings and introduce you to the spa facilities, such as sauna, relaxation room, manicure and pedicure station.

Gender of Technician

Most spas will rotate and balance which therapists do your treatment. If you prefer either a male or a female technician, you need to express this at the time you book the service. If this is a return visit to the spa and you have enjoyed the services of a particular technician on a prior visit, feel free to request that person again.


Gratuities are not included, 18 to 20 percent is customary, but you may of course leave more or less, depending on the quality of the service. Leave the tip at the reception desk when you pay your bill rather than giving it directly to the technician. If you receive multiple services from different people (a massage therapist, a facial esthetician, etc.), leave a separate tip for each of them.

Medical Conditions or Allergies

Inform the spa of any medical condition or allergic concerns before booking a service so that the right service is provided. Some services may have stipulations on who should receive them. Also, tell the technician if you are wearing contact lenses before you have a facial.


It is best not to wear perfume or cologne in the spa area or to exercise classes. Some people may be allergic and the scent may take away from the relaxation and comfort of the spa.


Not allowed due to hygene purposes.


Arrive at least 15-30 minutes early so you can enjoy an unhurried transition into the spa and shower if necessary. Spas start and end all treatments on time. If you are late, your treatment time will be shortened.


Our spas are non-smoking establishments.


Should be left at home or in the Spa’s locker. Most spa treatments will require the removal of jewelry.