Hair Coloring

Only the best coloring products are used at Helena’s to give your hair the most beautiful and healthy finish. We take pride in ensuring a unique, pleasant and personal experience for each of our guests. Every color service begins with a complementary consultation.

Additional charges will be applied for length and textures.

Single Process Hair Color

A single process refers to any color service that is done in one step. This can be using a permanent color, deposits, or glaze.

Retouch $ 75 - $95
Virgin $ 95 - $ 130

Double Process Hair Color

A double-process color refers to anytime two-color services are done in one visit. This can include lightening the hair then applying a toner.

$ 150 - $ 220

Color Correction

A color correction is meant to fix a color service that had undesirable effects. There are two main color corrections, going from dark hair to much lighter hair or light hair to dark hair.

$ 250 - $ 450

Balayage - Omber

Is the process of free-handing or sweeping hair color, lightener or toner downwards in soft strokes directly on the surface of the desired section? This method is used to create dimension with a natural, softer look.

$ 250 - $ 450

Express Highlights

Express Highlights are done by applying a small amount of foils or painted-on pieces, usually focused on framing the face.

$ 100 - $ 150

Highlights or Lowlight “Virgin’s/Foil

Highlighting hair means isolating select strands in the hair and treating them with a hair color or lightener to make them lighter than their base/natural color. Highlights can add dimension by contrasting with the rest of the hair and are created with foils, a cap or special combs or brushes used for “painting on” the color.

$ 150 - $ 300

Highlight Retouch w/Foil $ 120 - $ 180
Cap Highlight virgin $ 95 -$ 160
Cap Highlight Retouch $ 95 - $ 145

Low Lights

Lowlights are created by using color with foils, caps, or painted on to darken specific pieces and create dimension. Generally low lights will be 2-3 levels darker than your base color and slightly warmer. This can be used for a more natural look or create accents within the hair.

$ 120 - $ 145


We take pride in ensuring a unique, pleasant and personal experience for each of our guests. Every hair cut service begins with a complementary consultation (face shape, personal style) where your specific needs will be addressed and discussed.

*Haircuts and trims are the same price. The service includes a shampoo & condition either
before or after haircut.

Bang Trim $ 25
Ladies $ 65
Gentlemen $ 45
Child Girls (under age of 10) $ 35
Child Boy (under age of 10) $ 25

Hair Extensions

Have bigger and fuller hair than ever before. Hair Extensions will automatically volumes and add length to your hair in seconds. Go for a fun trendy styling or an always wonderful and Classic look. Please call to book a free consultation as prices vary.

Sew-in Extensions (hair not included) $ 450
Tap Hair Extensions  Fusion Beads (hair included) $ 900 - $ 1800

Book an Appointment

Styles, Up Do's, Twists & Braids

(For the up-do, you must have shampooed your hair the day before and put gel or mouse in your hair)

Our Hair Stylists are up to the task of any amazing hair style you can think of and bring to us. We love to have fun with long locks or short & sassy hair. We do straight as sticks, curly, beach weaves, or whatever else you can think of.

*Complementary consultations are always given as a courtesy to our clients. Please feel free to contact us to schedule your consultation.


Shampoo Blow dry and flat iron:

Short Hair $ 65
Medium Hair $ 75
Long Hair $ 85 - $ 95

Up Do's

Short Hair $ 85 - $ 95
Medium Hair $ 100 - $ 115
Long Hair $ 120 - $ 140


(includes a shampoo)

Short Hair $65
Medium Hair $75
Long Hair $85


Complementary consultations are always given as a courtesy to our clients. Please feel free to contact us today to schedule your consultation

Short Hair $ 95 - $ 110
Medium Hair $ 120 - $ 170
Long Hair $ 180 - $ 220

Relaxers retouch include condition and styles:

Short Hair $ 95 - $ 110
Medium Hair $ 110 - $ 130
Long Hair $ 130 - $ 150

Relaxers Virgin Start

Short Hair $ 115 - $ 130
Medium Hair $ 135 - $ 150
Long Hair $ 160 - $ 180

The Mizani treatment - Olaplex Treatment

Doing 1 week before or after do relaxing hair. This conditioning treatment dramatically protects and restores the hair. Olaplex Treatment can do the same day the relaxer.

Short Hair $ 35
Medium Hair $ 40
Long Hair $ 45

Deep Conditioning with Keratin

Short Hair $ 100
Medium Hair $ 120
Long Hair $ 150

Japanese Relaxer

Relaxer with Keratin- This is an amazing treatment for hair, this will give you straight, shiny hair that will last for 3 to 4 months.

Short Hair $ 450
Medium Hair $ 550
Long Hair $ 650

Brazilian Keratin Treatments

Brazilian keratin treatment: A revolutionary treatment for all hair types and textures. This intensive treatment leaves the hair shiny, soft, frizz free and manageable for up to four months. This can be done when you get highlights.

Short Hair $ 300
Medium Hair $ 350
Long Hair $ 400